Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Video Conferencing Take 2

Today Children in Year 6 from Nightingale and Oakdale Juniors met up via video conference.

This was the second time we have done this - the last time was before Christmas.

This time we started on showing our science knowledge. Children in 6GH had all prepared a very short 1 or 2 minute presentation about a science topic or idea. 6GH presented some of their presentations to Year 6 at Oakdale Juniors. Oakdale asked questions in response, trying to challenge our science knowledge.

We got stumped on who created the standard circuit symbols and the distance for the earth to the moon. Can anyone help? Oakdale didn't know the answers either. :oP

Oakdale showed us a great science song with actions about forces.

Hopefully we will learn some of it for next week and join in with Oakdale. Oakdale will be doing their own presentations next week, which we will watch and try and stump them with our own questions.

It was good fun this week and we look forward to meeting again next week.

Watch out soon for a video clip of the event as well.


Mrs Hallybone said...

I thought your miro presentations were brilliant! 6H are busy researching their questions and this time we hope to have some of the answers! Looking forward to working with you again next week.
Mrs Hallybone

emma said...

the vc was different and cool

Anonymous said...

How hot is the Sun?

6000 degrees celsius